HopShopDrop Promise To Customer



At Hopshopdrop, we respect the labels and brands we work with and the consumers we serve.
We make it our mission to provide a genuine and authentic service to our consumers. As part of our undertaking we guarantee the condition and authenticity of all products listed on our website. We also ensure the highest level of consumer satisfaction for each of our clients by implementing a secure and immense process for every product listed on our website.


Before any product is listed on Hopshopdrop, it undergoes a methodological and intransigent examination by our team of in-house professionals. Our experts boast over a decade of experience in working with ultra-luxury products and authenticating luxury and premium products. Their expertise is invaluable to Hopshopdrop and we are lucky to work with some of the best authenticators in the business.



We also take huge pride in sourcing all our products from 15 different countries in the world to maintain its authenticity, pristine and nothing, yes, nothing is sourced locally.



Due to our use of experienced in-house authenticators when verifying the authenticity of each product, we provide a “Life-Time Money Back Guarantee” with every product purchased. This is solely to form a trust worthy relationship with our clients and cease any frauds or fakes. Our main motive is to build trust with fairness, integrity and transparency across all our clients.