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Benefits of Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge is the smartest way to shop from US & Europe to India without the need for foreign address or international credit card. Majority of stores don't offer international shipping to India; and if they deliver their shipping charges are exorbitant.

Now, shopping from across the globe is made simple! Sign up and shop for your loved brands and get them delivered in 7-10 business days.

Shop the latest collections from fashion destinations of the world including Milan, Paris, Spain, USA, UK and more.

International Address! NOT Required

Numerous international online websites do not accept credit cards without a US billing address. Not to Worry! Personal Concierge offers access to any online stores across the globe; and we source the product on your behalf from the merchant site to be delivered at our authorized warehouses in the target country.

So, hassle free shopping of your favorite brand is GUARANTEED without an International Billing Address

No Subscription Fee/No registration required

Buy products from USA, UK and more without the hassle of owning an international credit card. Personal concierge allows gives you access to multiple online stores without the requirement for registration or paying subscription fees. Tell us what you want to buy and Personal Concierge would buy that item for you and ship the product at your doorstep in 7-10 business days.

Global Online Shopping, Now easy !

Many international retail website do not offer international shipping and delivery, while some websites ships internationally; their internationals shipping charges are exponentially high. With Personal Concierge, you can gain access to any online stores from our selected countries and take advantage of our competitive international shipping rate

Premium Concierge Services

Exclusive members are entitled for premium services by paying an annual membership fee. The membership offers access to latest runway collection with and free international returns. Members are entitled for a personalized gift worth INR 1500 and free shipping from our list of countries including US & Europe.

Lowest international Shipping Rate

We aim to provide our customers with the lowest shipping/delivery charges and we have achieved this by partnering with various international logistics companies to offer the best delivery rates. International Shipping rates are unusually high and we at Hop Shop Drop are determined to lower your shipping charges and make it cost effective by combining multiple deliveries without compromising our committed delivery time.

Great Deals from Around the World

We bring you the largest selection of discounted and sale items curated from across the world. Personal Concierge displays the hottest deals of your favorite brands delivered at your doorstep in 7-10 business days.

Payment Option: Indian Rupees

Many international shopping websites accepts only the currency of the host country, but by availing the services of Personal Concierge, you do not need to pay in foreign currencies. We would only accept Indian rupees (INR) with 50 percent payment at the time of product confirmation and the remaining 50 percent payment by Cash on Delivery

Save time on Custom Paperwork

Filling out necessary custom paperwork is sometimes tedious and difficult, but our experienced personal shopping assistants are well trained to handle local import and custom related documentation. We do all the work for you from shopping to delivering items to your doorstep.