HopShopDrop Introduces "Love, Share, and Earn"

Mercury News | December 2014


Hop Shop Drop recently announced its newest feature “Love, Share and Earn”. The tagline “Shopping Goes Social” has managed to create a buzz amongst online shoppers active across social media. It is more of a social commerce company that just being an e-commerce company.


This social commerce feature called “Love, Share and Earn” focuses on the people and social characteristic of people. With this, HopShopDrop aims to advertise, come up with interesting offers, and reach out to maximum people through the popular medium of social media today.



This new feature, “Love, Share and Earn”, is for customers who are highly social. Every time the customers share a product that they love on social media, Hop Shop Drop rewards them with points. This is a fast and easy way to earn points through Social Network. The customer can redeem these reward points to make purchases in future on and redeem those points at the time of purchase. This feature is applicable on all products available on and is an interesting way to engage new users as they connect through their social networks.


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A Key for Shopaholics to the Online world -

The Telegraph | May 2014


Globalisation and musings for International brands has reflected in the past, remember the song- Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon englistani, sar pe laal topi russi phir bhi dil hai Hindustani. The song tends to bring a smile to our faces as we picture the legendary Raj Kapoor sporting a pair of Japanese shoes, British trousers & a Russian hat. But globalisation of our attire & accessories has now become a reality. Coach bags, Michael Kors watches & Chanel perfumes have started occupying a lot of wardrobe space in Indian metros today. The young upwardly mobile Indian is as brand conscious & slick as his or her global counterpart. This phenomenon has opened business avenues for Indian & Global e-commerce sites. is a shopper’s delight with a difference. They understand that today’s discerning Indian wants to broaden their horizons beyond the ordinary and thus offer a unique service called “Personal Concierge”.


These days, people embrace the internet for various reasons and shoppers do it for comfort, price & variety. And providing exactly that, has been the simple mantra for triumphant of the e-commerce companies in India. Indian e-commerce market is forecasted to be $16 billion and online sales represent 1 percent of total retail. First, let’s set the scene: Today there are 240 million internet users and online spend stands at $3 billion with projected CAGR of 57 percent. The appetite for 30 million Indian online shoppers has transformed (forecasted increase for 2014 is 65 percent from $1.9 billion in 2013) and the trend has shifted towards acquisition of products from iconic international brands.


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